Square Top Whorl Drop Spindle

  • $20.00

Insouciant Studios' own hand made Square Top Whorl Drop Spindle fully sanded and hand finished with a natural beeswax finish. I love working with this finish, it gives wood such a nice silky feeling and a warm glow. The best part-- it's food safe and non-toxic, which is great for prolonged contact with the skin... like a good long spin sesh.

12 5/8 inches tall, ~3.5 inch diameter whorl (2.5 inches wide, ~ 3.5 across the diagonal), ~3 oz. Each Of our spindles is carefully hand made and balanced for smooth spinning.

Square Whorl spindles spin the same as round whorl spindles do--but with added visual flair!

These larger spindles are great for beginners— the extra mass adds stability!