About Insouciant Studios

Common Questions

How do you prounounce your shop name? What does it mean?

   [in-soo-see-uhnt; Fr. an-soo-syahn] Show IPA
free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant.
1820–30; < French, equivalent to in+ souciant present participle of soucier to worry < Vulgar Latin *sollicītāre, for Latin sollicitāre to disturb; see solicitous
lighthearted, debonair, jaunty, breezy.

How/ why did you start this business?

I started working with beads and making jewelry when I was five. Yes. Five. My first completed project was a grasshopper woven from seed beads. I still have it. I hang it on my tree as an ornament. I began embroidery work and needlepoint around age eight. 

I never stopped making jewelry. By high school I was selling pieces to friends. During college I began selling online and expanding my business and repetoir of techniques. I attended trade school for jewelry fabrication. I also took up knitting, then spinning; I regressed to preparing my own fibers. I haven’t raised sheep... yet.

What inspires you?

Nature. Science. History. Past cultures.

TLDR; I’ve been interpreting nature in gems and fibers my whole life.

Who we are:

Insouciant Studios is a small jewelry and textile company dedicated to pure original designs inspired by nature. Nature as colors, textures, shapes, shadows, silhouettes, and sometimes even smells. I turn those experiences into jewelry and textiles that are easy to wear and easy to love--pieces that transition from day to night, that are special enough for a big event, but not so precious that they must be locked away and never worn.

The fiber arts division of the business includes meticulously prepared fibers, handspun yarn, hand knit items, and thoughtfully crafted spinning and knitting supplies so that you can do the same.

FYI: Clip Earrings! You don't see them in store, but due to customer requests, they are now available. I can work with you to convert any jewelry design from pierced to clip--all you have to do is ask!

This is where Kit talks about her self and what's behind her website and what makes her crazy.  I mean why does things the way she does.