Mermaid Treasure Teacup Candle

  • $29.00

A candle set in a lovely Iridescent green, white, and gold Japan-made teacup and saucer. Gold scrollwork, delicate scales, and an iridescent rainbow sheen on the white portions make this a stunning cup, fit for any mermaid or ocean lover. The candle is unscented soy wax with a natural wood wick. But wait! There is one more surprise! Within the candle is a packet of mysterious mermaid treasure, little gifts from the sea!

Soy wax is made from soybean oil, a renewable plant based resource. Soy wax burns cleanly (no harsh black soot) and slowly, providing a long burn time.

Candle has a wood wick and 6 oz of pure soy wax, for a 20-30+ hour burn time with a soft, natural crackling sound.

Best of all, when the candle finally burns out, retrieve your treasure and just wash the teacup with soap and water--and voila! A lovely antique teacup awaits your favorite brew.