Ancient Seas Trilobite Necklace

  • $235.00

Insouciant Studios "Ancient Seas" ocean jasper and fine silver trilobite pendant. The jasper is tidily bezel set in fine silver, and the piece is brought to life by the fine silver casting of a real fossil trilobite. This is a truly beautiful and unique piece with rich rust, copper, coral, green, slate, and tan shadings in intriguing circular shapes within the jasper. The entire piece is 100% hand made by me, including the silver casting, which was cast from an actual Phacops trilobite in my collection. The trilobite and the bezel setting are fine silver, the main body of the piece is recycled sterling silver. The piece comes with a gorgeous 18 inch sterling silver wheat chain.

1 7/8 inches tall (4.7 cm)
1 1/8 inches wide (2.7 cm)

Jasper is one of many forms of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), the mineral quartz. Jasper is a microcrystalline variety of quartz, and is sometimes opaque . It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale (quite durable), and is possible in a wide range of colors; jasper is often red due to the presence of iron oxides. Jasper and agate are closely related. [Mineralogy, Perkins]