Insouciant Studios Blue Hour Necklace

  • $148.00

Insouciant Studios "Blue Hour" Necklace featuring a delicate and simple arrangement of smooth polished labradorite rondells fashioned into a hand made chain. Each stone shows some excellent flash and fire, mostly in shades of blue, with a great ability to interact with the light. These stones catch the light with their natural internal fire--they are not faceted.

Labradorite always feels to me like the spirit of ice captured in stone, and this is a beautiful and enduring way to carry that quality. Cold, but also rich and intriguing. 14k Gold Filled Construction and Lobster clasp or sterling silver construction and clasp. 14 or 18k gold on request, please contact for pricing.

You can also double or triple wrap this necklace and wear it as a bracelet, depending on the size of your wrist.

Length: 18.5 inches end-to-end (47 cm)