Bluster Floral Cowel Triangle Scarf

  • $138.00

Insouciant Studios is proud to present this 100% hand made, unique hand-spun, hand knit scarf.

This item is unique by design, and it all starts with a pile of silk flowers and wool roving, which I spin into an unusual yarn that permanently incorporates the flowers. This yarn is then hand-knit into a soft triangular mini shawl that can be draped over the tops of the shoulders and upper back, or gently scrunched around the neck and pinned in place, like a cowl. It can also be worn with the point facing forward like a bandana. This is a lovely, soft scarf, made from cormo cross wool and artificial flowers.

13 inches long, center back to center point
26 inches end-to-end on the long side

Hand wash cool, reshape, dry flat