Insouciant Studios Glacial Wash Necklace

  • $145.00

Insouciant Studios "Glacial Wash" Necklace featuring a tumbled and polished natural Labradorite stone suspended from a handmade chain of fluorite, labradorite, and black spinel. The labradorite shows some excellent flash and fire, mostly in shades of blue, with a great ability to interact with the light. Labradorite always feels to me like the spirit of ice captured in stone. Cold, but also rich and intriguing. These are gorgeous polished stones, and they will let you carry the spirit of winter where ever you go. 925 sterling silver construction, with a beautiful sterling silver lobster clasp.

22.5 inches (56.5 cm)
Center Stone:
Tall ~1 inch (2.3 cm)
Wide ~ 1/2 inch (1 cm)