Hand Knit Mimosa Stripe Scarf

  • $56.00

Insouciant Studios is proud to present this 100% hand made hand knit scarf. The Mimosa stripe scarf is bright and fun, with lots of color to get you motivated, regardless of the weather. The scarf is hand knit from two colors of cotton-elastic yarn. This scarf is 100% hand knit, one stitch at a time, on two needles, in a very stretchy 1X1 rib. It's also very soft and lightweight.

Did you know that in the U.S. "Hand Knit" can refer to items knit by a machine, so long as the process isn't entirely automated? This scarf is genuinely hand knit--no machines, just my hands, my time, and my skill.

50 inches/ 127 cm long, end to end (It will stretch longer than this if you pull on it!)
7.5 inches/ 19 cm wide

Hand wash cool, reshape, dry flat