Volcanic Bomb Specimen

  • $43.00

Nice hand sample volcanic bomb from Pisgah Crater, California.

A volcanic bomb is an igneous rock that forms when lava solidifies as it is flying through the air. Shapes can be spherical, elongate, ribbon-like, or splattered and flattened, depending on how thotoughly the lava cooled in the air (and how close to liquid it was at ejection), and how long it was suspended. This specimen is more elongate and twisted, which is called fusiform or spindle shaped. A great desk piece. Specimen is labeled HPC-1– for Holocene Pisgah Crater 11.4 oz

Pisgah Crater is a volcanic cinder cone that was active during the holocene, with estimates ranging from 2,000- 20,000/50,000 years ago for most recent activity. It is part of the Lavic Lake volcanic field, and may be the youngest of the cones, but there are no reliable data at present. The site also contains some fantastic lava tubes, and lovely black volcanic sands.

This would be a great gift for a geologist or scientist.

You will receive the pictured specimen.