Hand Knit Shore Pullover Scarf

  • $188.00

Insouciant Studios presents a soft tidepools themed pullover scarf, perfect for keeping out the chill any time of year. This scarf is knit from a vibrantly textured yarn in a blend of wool and cotton for warmth, comfort, and breathability, then felted for extra snuggle factor. The design features a decorative edge and is more than slightly asymmetric, with abundant texture. It is styled with the wider side to the back. The pattern is exclusive.

This scarf will fit most people, and is ideal for seaside camping trips, treks to the market, or exploring your urban jungle.

For best results, hand wash cool and lay flat to dry.

All measurements are taken with the item laying flat.

Height 8-10 in/ 20.3- 24.5 cm (scarf is asymmetric)
Width 11 inches/ 27.9 cm
Circumference 22 in/ 56 cm

Partially Stretched
Height 9.5-13 in/ 24-33 cm
Width 13 in/ 33 cm
Circumference 26 in/ 66 cm