Natural Top Whorl Drop Spindle

  • $14.00

Insouciant Studios’ own hand made Fully Top Whorl Drop Spindle fully sanded and hand finished with a wonderful, warm natural beeswax finish. I love working with this finish, and it it completely non-toxic and safe for skin contact— like a good long spin sesh.

12 1/2 inches tall, 2.25 inch diameter whorl, 0.8 oz. Each Of our spindles is carefully hand made and balanced for smooth spinning.

This diminutive spindle is fully functional and portable, perfect for taking small spinning projects on the go anywhere! This spindle is particularly good for spinning lace weight and even cobweb yarns, due to it’s low weight.

For International Shipping, please contact me-- I am happy to ship overseas; you will only ever pay actual shipping costs.